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/ Brand History

Lalo Dolidze is a Georgian designer who started her work by creating handmade knitted cardigans and together with her twin sister Nina launched Lalocardigans in 2013. Large portions of the brands inspiration comes from nature, its colors and patterns that different flowers and plants create. Pieces offered by Lalos brand are versatile and can be seen in a range of different styles. While the brand Lalocardigans itself was born in 2013, the general idea of these items had been in Lalo Dolidzes mind long before. Despite not having any education in the field of fashion design, she knitted and wore cardigans and sweaters herself. With encouragement and help from her sister Lalo created the brand that was an instant success. In 2016 they launched a second line called Lalo, which is considered to be a more luxury brand in comparison to Lalocardigans. Each of the items offered by the brand is a unique handmade piece that has chic elegance but is still relaxed and comfortable.

/ Brand Selling Point

Georgia, USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, Austria, Portugal, China